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Braces Friendly Foods for the Big Game

The big game is this coming up this Sunday- which team will you be cheering for? Here at West Houston Orthodontics, we know that no Superbowl party is complete without food, friends, and of course, FOOTBALL!

For patients in braces, don’t forget to stay away from those hard, crunchy, sticky, or gummy foods at your Superbowl party. These foods can get caught between braces, or worse, damage to your orthodontic appliances and delay treatment. So when selecting braces-friendly foods, a good rule of thumb is to stick to soft foods that can easily be cut into pieces.

For example:

-Pigs in a blanket cut into bite sided pieces.
-Chili – a fan favorite!
-Boneless chicken wings / buffalo wings
-Potato Salad

What foods are you planning for your party? Let us know if you have any questions about braces friendly foods by leaving a comment here, or giving us a call!

Orthodontics in Houston, TX for all ages


Many people believe orthodontics are only for children and teens, but in fact patients of any age can benefit from a straighter, healthier smile. At the Houston, TX orthodontic practice of Dr. Vladimir Tabakman, we provide orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and traditional braces for the whole family!

In this video, both mom & son got their braces with Dr. Tabakman at West Houston Orthodontics. What a great family experience!

Orthodontics for Adults in Houston, TX

Dr. Tabakman and the West Houston Orthodontics team helped Leslie, one of our adult patients, complete his orthodontic treatment in less than a year! While treatment time varies depending on the case and severity of the problem, our team strives to produce a fantastic end result, and an enjoyable treatment experience along the way. Call our Houston, TX orthodontic office today to schedule your initial orthodontic consultation!

You’re Never Too Old to Treat Yourself to a New Smile in Houston!

Did you know one in every five orthodontic patients is an adult? We’re living longer and technology is improving, making orthodontic treatment in Houston an appealing and safe option for patients of all ages. As the trend toward treatment later in life grows, we’re seeing braces on parents as well as children – and even adult celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani and Nicholas Cage have shown off their braces. It’s never too late to look and feel your best!

Can Braces Work for Adults?

People of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment. The physical process for moving teeth is the same, young or old, which means it is never too late to address issues such as an overbite or underbite, crooked or crowded teeth, or jaw disorders.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, we’ll make a consultation appointment with you. During this meeting we will perform a general assessment of your oral health, discuss options for treatment, and answer any questions you may have. We will also discuss matters of cost and insurance. The next step is an orthodontic records appointment in which we take x-rays, photos, and an impression of your teeth. This information drives your unique treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits?

Straightening your teeth can improve your smile, your self-esteem, and your dental health. Technologically advanced new treatments make it easier to identify the option that best fits your lifestyle. Modern techniques and materials have made braces and aligners more effective, comfortable and unobtrusive than ever.

If you think you might benefit from orthodontic treatment, get in touch with us so we may set up a consultation to determine what type of treatment best meets your needs.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Tell us about your New Year’s Resolution! Whether it is to work harder in school, practice more at a sport, be a better friend; we’re interested in what you have to say! We’ll select winning resolutions in these three categories on 1/ 31: Most Creative, Most Sentimental and Funniest Resolution. We’ll announce our winners on Facebook and each winner will receive $25 gift certificate to Target.