Excellent Service

“When I went for my first consultation at West Houston Orthodontics, they really took the time to answer every question I had. My teeth had crowding, and previously a few orthodontists had told me that I would need to get extractions done to make room. However, Dr. Tabakman recommended to shave down each tooth just a tiny bit to make extra room. I liked this option more, as it was much better than losing my teeth. Plus, there was no pain involved in this procedure hence no need for shots which made it all the more feasible. The practice also offers payment plans and let me schedule the next appointment the very same day. I am really happy with the experience!”

Gennie D.

Amazing Experience

“I had a great experience at West Houston orthodontics. Not only were Dr Tabakman and all his staff so professional and exceptional, they also explained each thing in detail and  gave prompt answers to all my questions. I felt really comfortable and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an orthodontist!”


Best Orthodontist in Town

“Dr. Tabakman is an excellent orthodontist. We visited him several times before deciding to proceed with the treatment, and he was friendly and helpful every time. He is not only professional but also has high expectations regarding the outcome of the treatment plan. He doesn’t stop until he gets the best result possible!


Great Service

“ I got my braces off after two years of treatment at West Houston Orthodontics and I must say that I am really pleased with the results! My smile has dramatically improved and I honestly never knew that my teeth could look so good! Apart from myself, my two daughters also received treatment at West Houston Orthodontics. All I can say is that Dr. Tabakman is one of the best in his field and I strongly recommend him because of his friendliness, concern for patients and commitment and dedication to continue learning. The other staff is also extremely helpful and efficient. The office manager especially did a great job of explaining us the treatment plan and set us up for the procedure to start immediately. The appointment staff always kept us updated for our coming appointments. The rest of the staff is also very welcoming and made the whole experience highly comfortable and relaxing. With such great service and amazing results, what more can one want?

Jane F.

Fun and Convenient

“When my son got braces, Dr. Tabakman and his team explained us everything in a step-by-step approach. They were really accommodating even though we had such a crazy schedule. The staff took time to know us right away and answered all the questions we had. Dr. Tabakman always has these educational contests for the kids while they are in the waiting room. We won two tickets to Splash Town last month and it was a really nice surprise!

Susan M.

Incredible Results

“Both my daughters have been Dr. Tabakman’s patients. He has worked miracles and totally transformed the smile of my nine year old who had a very prominent underbite. My fourteen year old on the other hand is actually a new patient who does not sit well for doctors, but Dr. Tabakman and his team have her totally won over! The entire team is highly professional and efficient and at the same time so personable and friendly. They have truly proved to be a blessing for our family! Apart from all this, they also have a very affordable and comprehensive payment plan in place. The service, environment and results – all a straight A+!”

Mary W.

Latest Technology

“This is an amazing orthodontist office with exceptional service and the latest equipment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tabakman to everyone out there!”

Jack N.

Professional and Affordable

“My dentist referred me to West Houston Orthodontics and I was really impressed by their services, and staff. Though I had checked out a few other places too, the doctor and overall environment at West Houston Orthodontics struck me as perfect. Not only is the service really affordable and efficient, but my teeth have never looked so great as well!

Kate H.

Friendly Staff

“A coworker told me about Dr. Tabakman and I was genuinely amazed by the results. I had a great experience, both he and his team were always really helpful and friendly and I will definitely recommend Dr. Tabakman to everyone.

Gary L.

Outstanding Service

“In one word – amazing! The great thing about Dr. Tabakman is that he always takes out time to work with you and tries out different alternatives if one thing isn’t working. He is not only really friendly and empathetic, but also highly professional at the same time. I had a great experience on every visit and it had a really positive influence not just on my smile but on my confidence and personality. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tabakman to my friends, family and everyone else I know!

Victoria D.

Professional And Caring Staff

“Dr. Tabakman and his team are some of the most professional, caring and amazing people I have come across. It was really great, the way they personally addressed all my issues and chalked out a treatment plan for me. Now my smile looks awesome and I have become so much confident! Thank you so much Dr. Tabakman!

Angela M.