Invisalign® Costs

Invest in Yourself

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No matter who you are or what your age, a stunning, radiant smile can be yours. Now more than ever, orthodontic treatment is attainable. If you feel hesitant about taking the leap, just think about how improving your smile can help you in all avenues of your life. Your smile is an asset worth investing in.

What Does Invisalign Cost?

Here in Houston, Invisalign is a very popular treatment option. However, you should not your expectations on the experiences of another. Treatment plans, and the costs that go with them, are as unique as the individuals we treat. Because of this, we cannot provide you with a quote until we see you in person. Some factors which will help determine the cost of your treatment are:

  • The extent of the problems to be corrected
  • The length of treatment
  • Specific details prescribed by the orthodontist

What are my payment options?

No matter what shape your treatment plan and its costs take, there is a payment option that will work for you. As a top Houston orthodontics practice, it is important to us that no one feels as though they cannot afford treatment. Some options include:

  • Courtesy discount when treatment is paid in full (cash or check)
  • Payment arrangements to work with your Flex Plan
  • Most major credit cards are accepted

Will my Insurance Cover my Treatment?

Dental plans which provide coverage for orthodontic treatment may also cover Invisalign. To know for certain, you must contact your insurance company regarding the extent of their coverage.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are ready to begin your journey to your new smile, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will help you determine if Invisalign is the right option for you.